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Drilling full groove roll is also a kind of roll. In the roughing stand, the medium-sized profile rolling mill has two groups of successive stands. The continuous rolling mill can be placed horizontally or vertically according to the pass planning. For sections and channels with parallel edges, an all-round frame is also equipped. When rolling other profiles, the universal frame can be replaced with a horizontal frame. The roll of the horizontal frame has a deep pass, while the universal frame does not.

A horizontal roll with a larger diameter confirms the shape of the section steel, while a hostile roll with a smaller diameter is used to roll the edge. When the blank passes through the finishing roll of traditional stand and universal stand, it can obtain good surface finish and scale.

Roll is the main working part and thing that causes continuous plastic deformation of metal on the rolling mill. The roll is mainly composed of roll body, roll neck and shaft head. The roll body is the middle part of the roll that is actually involved in rolling metal. After smelting, forging and heat treatment, the roll body working layer has uniform, high hardness, high wear resistance and excellent anti accident ability, so as to ensure that the roll neck and roll body core have certain strength and high resistance.


Drilling full groove rollDrilling full groove rollDrilling full groove rollDrilling full groove roll