General knowledge of cast steel roll

2022-01-15 17:28

Cast steel roll can be divided into two types: steel roll (carbon content 0.4-1.4%) and semi steel roll (carbon content 1.4-2.4). Steel roll has low carbon content, so its hardness is low. Its arrangement is generally composed of ferrite and pearlite. With the addition of carbon content, the amount of ferrite is reduced and the amount of pearlite is added. Today, let the roll manufacturer Wuxi Taihu roll editor bring you a brief introduction to the general knowledge of roll cast steel roll.

In order to improve the hardness, the roll manufacturer can participate in Cr, Ni, Mo and other alloy elements, or carry out special heat treatment, because the steel roll has high tensile strength and resistance, which is suitable for the billet rolling mill or blooming mill with high rolling temperature and large rolling load, and can also be used as the support roll. If special heat treatment is carried out to obtain high hardness above hs90, it can also be used as cold rolling operation roll.

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The carbon content of semi steel roll is between cast steel roll and cast iron roll. Its arrangement is mainly composed of pearlite and contains certain carbides. Therefore, its strength is slightly higher than that of cast steel roll, lower than that of cast iron roll, and its hardness is higher than that of general cast steel roll. The main feature of semi steel roll is that the internal hardness drop is very small. Therefore, it is especially suitable for making deep hole roll. It is widely used in rough rolling and finish rolling frame of section steel mill Operation roll in the front section of roughing and finishing rolling of hot strip continuous rolling mill. If silicon content is added to the raw material of semi steel roll, after graphitization treatment, it has high thermal crack resistance and strong resistance. As the blooming roll of blooming mill, the coarse roll of large section steel, the roll of blooming continuous mill and the vertical roll of hot strip continuous mill, it can achieve outstanding rolling effect.

1. According to its chemical composition and heat treatment process, the outer matrix of the roll body can be arranged as pearlite and bainite. Pearlite can be flake or spherical, or sorbite type. Tempered sorbite not only has high strong resistance, but also has excellent hot crack resistance. Especially, the tempered sorbite arrangement with phase also has excellent wear-resistant function. Therefore, when used in blooming mill, the rolling effect is outstanding.

Alloy cast steel roll has high tensile strength and resistance, certain wear resistance and hot crack resistance. It is mainly used for the opening roll of blooming mill and the rough roll of section mill.

High speed steel roll not only has high thermal crack resistance, but also its high wear resistance and red hardness can greatly extend the roll life and improve the amount of rolling raw materials. It can be used for the operation roll in the front section of finishing rolling of hot strip mill.

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OK, the above is the brief introduction of the roll manufacturer about the general knowledge of roll cast steel roll. If you want to know more about roll products and roll manufacturers, please pay attention to the roll manufacturer Wuxi Taihu roll Xiaobian.