The roll quality of the roll manufacturer will never be discounted!

2022-01-15 16:59

In recent years, the high-speed steel roll used in more than 100 sets of bar mills at home and abroad has been deeply loved by the steel rolling industry with excellent wear resistance and high product scale accuracy, which has enhanced the development of this new product by roll manufacturing enterprises, not only promoted the technological progress of roll manufacturing industry, but also broke the traditional roll type format that has maintained for decades. Today, let the roll manufacturer Wuxi Taihu roll editor bring you an explanation of roll related contents.

The further development of roll manufacturers will promote the gradual progress of rolling mill operation rate and the continuous improvement of rolling process. The setting process, heat treatment process, mechanical function and wear resistance of high carbon high speed steel for roll have also been deeply studied in China. In order to improve the setting arrangement of high-speed steel roll and advance its mechanical function, the modification treatment method of high-speed steel roll is also discussed in China, which significantly improves the arrangement and function of high-speed steel roll.

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China has produced casting rolls in batches since the 1930s, but there are few kinds. In the late 1950s, China's professional roll factory was established in Xingtai, Hebei Province. In 1958, Anshan Iron and steel company began to trial produce and use 1050 large ductile iron rolls for blooming in the world. In the 1960s, the cold rolling operation roll and large forged steel roll were successively manufactured. By the 1990s, China's roll production has been fundamentally satisfied with domestic needs and some have been exported, but the types need to be added and the quality needs to be improved.

However, once a product is recognized by the society, it is often accompanied by the phenomenon of passing the fake as the real and the bad as the good, and the high-speed steel roll is no exception. Some roll enterprises sell the improved infinite chilled roll to users as semi high speed steel roll; Some roll enterprises seize the market at a very low price when users purchase, but the products provided to users have low roll function index and poor wear resistance due to insufficient total alloy participation. The application on multiple rolling lines has not reached the ideal index agreed by both sides, and the steel rolling volume is even lower than that of ordinary cast iron rolls. This not only causes certain economic losses to both sides of supply and demand, but also directly affects the expectations of roll users for a new product.

The varieties of rolling mills producing long products are complex. Therefore, the selection and layout of rolling mill types, the selection of roll materials and the confirmation of roll dimensions are also very wide. Together, the rolls selected by different rolling mills are also different, and the rolls need to be selected according to the production requirements.

"Whoever has better product quality will grasp the lifeline of the enterprise's livelihood!" The quality of high speed steel roll must not be "discounted".

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OK, the above is the brief introduction of the roll manufacturer about the quality of the roll. If you want to know more about roll products and roll manufacturers, please pay attention to the roll manufacturer Wuxi Taihu roll Xiaobian.