Let the roll manufacturer teach you the selection of roll parameters

2022-01-15 17:05

With the increasing use of rolls in industry, the types of rolls are also increasing. Today, let the roll manufacturer Wuxi Taihu roll editor bring you an explanation of roll parameter selection.

Rolled steel:

The roll manufacturer said that the rolled steel grade is the key factor for selecting the roll, and its deformation resistance changes with the chemical composition of the blank, which is mainly reflected in the load and change of deformation in each stage of rolling. It is necessary to select the roll according to the confirmed strength and hardness.

Rolling mill placement and pass planning:

The orientation of the frame in the production line and the planning of passes have a great influence on the selection of rolls. According to the orientation of the frame, the stress mode and function of the roll can change greatly. This is because the rolls applied to roughing stands and finishing stands have very different stress modes, which leads to the expected changes in roll function. In addition, the time distance between one blank and the next blank passing through the frame and the production rate of the rolling mill also have a great influence on the selection of rolls. Through the test, it can be observed that the roll twists and turns and the torsional stress combined with high rolling pressure are the factors that determine the roll selection of coarse steel frame. However, in the finishing mill stand, hardness, wear resistance and appearance quality are the key elements of roll selection.

Roll manufacturer

Residual stress and thermal stress will occur in the preparation process before roll manufacturing and application. When used, it is further subjected to the effects of various periodic stresses, including twists and turns, changes, shear, contact stress and thermal stress. The distribution of these stresses along the roll body is uneven and constantly changing. The reason is not only the planning elements, but also the wear of the roll in operation, the continuous change of temperature and roll shape. After the roughing stand, the medium-sized profile rolling mill has two groups of successive stands. The continuous rolling mill can be placed horizontally or vertically according to the pass planning. For sections and channels with parallel edges, an all-round frame is also equipped. When rolling other profiles, the universal frame can be replaced with a horizontal frame. The roll of the horizontal frame has a deep pass, while the universal frame does not. In addition, abnormal rolling conditions often occur. If the roller is cooled improperly after use, it will also be damaged by thermal stress. Therefore, in addition to wear, the roll often has various partial hazards and appearance hazards such as crack, fracture, falling off and indentation. A good roll should have a better match between its strength, wear resistance and other functional indexes. In this way, it is not only durable under normal rolling conditions, but also less harmful in some abnormal rolling conditions. Therefore, when making rolls, we should strictly control the metallurgical quality of rolls or supplement external measures to enhance the bearing capacity of rolls.

Roll manufacturer

OK, the above is the brief introduction of the roll manufacturer about the quality of the roll. If you want to know more about roll products and roll manufacturers, please pay attention to the roll manufacturer Wuxi Taihu roll Xiaobian.